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I work to work out the turbulence that exists within me. I am healing myself and at the same time communicating an immense pain.


I obsessively collect an array of objects, then attach them together until they form a solid unit, each belonging to the other. Compelled by an instinctual obsession to piece together and dissect. I construct my work using collected objects such as; military personal memorabilia, flags, weapons, tools and other found objects.  Sewing them onto textiles and attaching them to wood and metal. As the collected objects begin to get larger and heavier, the canvases become tougher and more densely constructed, until the objects take over and take on a life of their own. Very organically, the work becomes predominantly sculpture, the results carrying both literal and metaphoric weight.

It's about falling, standing and attempting to survive it all. In the end we are all in exile, we are all just visiting and we all come to this world alone and we leave alone. But while we are here we try so desperately to belong to something, to someone and to somewhere.

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