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New York Times,Why the Flag Looks Like That. And Like That. And Like That, By Ezekiel Kweku ,2024


Art et exil, The Center Pompidou, Seham Boutata, 2023

Activist, Artist, Sara Rahbar, Shargh  Daily, Hossein Ganji 2023


La Villa Empain brandit l’étendard, Le Suricate Magazine, 2022

Live from the studio: Creating Collages with Sara Rahbar, North Carolina Museum of Art, 2022​

In conversation with Baashgaah Gallery, 2022

Selvedge Magazine, Issue #106, May/June 2022


Art Dubai, Portraits, 2021

Four corners books, Raise them up: Flags in contemporary art, by Francesca Gavin, 2021

Canvas Magazine, Sara Rahbar, 2021


Time Out Dubai, six must see exhibitions in Dubai this month, By Reema Rahman, 2020

Super Projects NYC, Sara Rahbar , By jack & Olivia, 2020

New York Times, Three art gallery shows to see right now, By Will Heinrich, 2020

Social Distancing studio visits, Caroline Kipp, 2020

Drunter & Druber,  Part 10, 2020
Wellesley Magazine, Reinventing the flag,B y M. Rachael Arauz, Spring 2020

Abu Dhabi Art, Artist of the week, Sara Rahbar, 2020

Untitled podcast, interview with Marie Lafontaine, 2020

The elephant, Is Migration The Most Politically Charged Subject in the World?by Charlotte Jansen,2020

Artnet News, Editors Picks: 17 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World This Week,2020

ArtfixDaily ,'Oh say, can you see?',American flag reimagined in Faction's new public art project,2020

Sick Magazine, 2020


Galerie magazine,3 Fascinating New York Exhibitions Focusing on Craft,by Paul Laster,2019

Floating Signifier,By Caleb Matthern, Alserkal Avenue, Folio,2019

Canvas Magazine, One on One,Alexandra Chaves ,2019

ArtNet,The 7 Best Works at NADA House 2019,Caroline Goldstein, 2019

Transit, Art of the Desert, 2019

Galerie Magazine, Galerie’s Guide to All the Art Fairs to See During Frieze Week, By Lucy Rees,2019

Art News, Frieze Week Art Fair Cheat Sheet, By Claire Selvin, 2019

Islamic arts magazine, Solo Exhibition Sara Rahbar at NADA on Governors Island, 2019

Bmoreart, In“Perilous Bodies,”International artists pull up the roots of intolerance, By Lyric Prince, 2019​

Forbes Magazine, Carbon 12 Gallery Celebrates 10 Years In The Art World, by Ann Binlot, 2019 

Weltkunst Magazine, Generation Golf 2.0, By Laura Storfner, 2019

Cultured Magazine,Our Highlights from Art Dubai, By Osman Can Yerbakan, 2019

Alserkal Avenue, FolioThe first collectors By Katrina Kufer, 2019


Mapanare,Sara Rahbar Creates Mesmerizing,Thought Provoking Work Out Of The Detritus Of War,

By Patrick Ogle,2018

The National, Why Sara Rahbar is hanging the American flag for safety, tolerance and togetherness -Her exhibition ‘Carry Me Home’ explores violence, terror and injustice. By Melissa Gronlund, 2018

Good Trouble Magazine, Celebrate the culture of resistance, Issue 22, UNMANIFESTO, 2018

Glasstire,Sara Rahbar at Dallas Contemporary,Anna Nelson Daniel,2018

Islamic Art’s Magazine,Sara Rahbar: Carry me home,2018

The New Yorker, Arts,Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro, 2018

Art News, Beyond the Surface: Miriam Schapiro’s Enduring Legacy, By Claire Selvin 

Forbes, Artists Reimagine The American Flag At The Dallas Art Fair,By Ann Binlot, 2018

Artdesk, Issue 12, Nine questions for thought on guns and violence in America, 2018

D Magazine,comments on America, at the Meyerson and the Dallas Contemporary, By lydsay Knecht, 2018


PBS, Articulate, Season 2, Finding Sara Rahbar​, 2017

ELLE Magazine,10 Female Artists to Watch,These are the art stars to know, By Emily Mcdermott, 2017

Othering & Belonging, Expanding the circle of human concern,Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society University of California, Berkeley, 2017

Gulf News-Arts, By Jyoti Kalsi, Sara Rahbar expands the acts of violence she has experienced into universal ones,2017

Sabine B Vogal, Sara Rahbar über ihre neuen Skulpturen + das US-Reiseverbot, 2017

ARTFORUM, Critics' Picks, Salvation, Text by: By Katrina Kufer, 2017

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia,What to see this weekend in Dubai, by Anna Brady and Ayesha Shaikh, 2017


A Woman's Thing,The Fight Issue, 2016

AUTRE,Love is something heavy: by Keely Shinners/Interview by Oliver Maxwell Kupper, 2016 

W magazine/Editor's Letter: Stars and Stripes/ W's editor in chief on the American Dream, 2016 




Mu in the city, Art and geopolitics at the Royal Museum of fine art Belgium, By Elisabeth Martin, 2015 

Art Report/Sara Rahbar On The Transformative Power Of Art/By Jenny Held,2015 

Art Report, 11 Artworks That Display The Symbol Of American Freedom, By Alexis Laura Rubin,2015 

VICE, Artist Sculpts Her Own American Flag By Sami Emory,2015 

The British Museum Magazine, spring/summer, Emblems of Identity, By Fahmida Suleman, 2015

Artsy Editorial, NADA New York, an Iranian-American Artist Uses Tools to Question Social Structures, Bridget Gleeson, 2015 

Selection magazine, Reflections on aspiration and tragedy, By Lain Akerman, 2015 

Jadaliyya, The Workers Trap: An Interview with Sara Rahbar, By Danna Lorch,2015 




The national, Sara Rahbars latest works delve into the hard facts of life and love, By Anna Seaman, 2014 

Gulf News, Sara Rahbars -Swarming reflects human conditions, By Jyoti Kalsi, December 10, 2014 

The Courtauldian, Sara Rahbar on art and life at the British museum,By Ami Mehta, 2014 

Harper's Bazaar Art, When no space becomes too much space By Katrina Kufer,2014 

Ahlan, Ahlan talks contemporary art with Sara Rahbar ahead of her Dubai sole exhibition, 2014 

Art Radar, Batons, bones and guns: an interview with mixed-media artist Sara Rahbar, By Lisa Pollman 

BBC,Tamasha,April 2014 

Harper’s Bazaar Art,Bischoff Weiss,London,Aya Haidar,Huda Lutfi,Sara Rahbar, By Jareh Das,Jan-Feb 2014 




QUESTRE/sara rahbar/by Sonja Steppan/2013 

Rooms magazine, Sara Rahbar Flags of Salvation, By Jesc Bunyard, December 24, 2013 

The Culture trip, Cause and Effect: An Interview with Sara Rahbar, By Rajesh Punj, 2013 

James Pitter, Interview with sara rahbar, July 23, 2013 

CNN, Leone Lakhani meets Sara Rahbar,an Iranian-born artist who uses the U.S. flag as her canvas, May 1, 2013 

Hurriyet Daily News, Globalization questioned at Sharjah Biennial, By Hatice Utkan,2013 

Lalita Kala Contemporary/#54/National Academy of Art/New Delhi 

Le Quotidien de l'Art /Numero 344 / Vendredi 22 Mars 2013 "Une Biennale De Sharjah Tout En Musicalite" 

Connoissance Des Arts-March 2013 

Canvas Magazine January/February issue 2013/Artist Monographs 


Hyperallergic, Piecing America Together by Hrag Vartanian, November 2012 

Art Agenda, abc-art berlin contemporary, September 2012 

Canvas Magazine, (cover & profile) Blood and Tears, July/August 2012 

The National, Iranian artist Sara Rahbar featured at Dubai's Carbon 12 gallery, By Christopher Lord, April 2012 

Gulf News,Perpetually at war, By Jyoti Kalsi, March 2012 

Harper's Bazaar Art, Issue #2, By Arsalan Mohammmad, March 2012 

Diva, A conversation & collaboration with Nadine Knotzer & Sara Rahbar, March 2012 

Whats On, Confessions of an artistic mind, March 2012, issue 48 - 49, February 2012 




BLACK INK, The Art Issue, What to buy now, Fall/Winter 2011 

Berlin Art Link, On the road series: Sara Rahbar, November 2011 

Flash Art, Top 100 Artists, November/December 2011 

Free People, The november catalog, through the decades, 2011 

L Agenda, Art Dubai Three Works In The Spotlight, Sulaf Zakharia, March 2011 

Open Magazine, Nowhere Girl, By Avantika Bhuyan, January 2011 




Art Asia Pacific, A Faded Utopia By Thorsten Albertz, November 2010 

Masionneuve, Iranian Artist Sara Rahbars Textile Revolution By Madeline Coleman, 2010 

BBC Persian, Sara Rahbar, A Video Diary By Amir Haqiqat, June 2010 

Guernica, Fighting Flags, by Tamzin Baker, June 2010 

Telematin , France 2, Hope with Sarah Doraghi, June 2010 

Time out Dubai, Behind the artwork, May 2010 

Flash Art, Sara Rahbar & Shaheen Merali, May-June 2010 

M / The New York Art World, Never Run Away, Stux New York,By Megan Marie Garwood ,2010

The National, Weird and wonderful: latest art in Dubai, By Ed Lake, April 2010 

Whats On Dubai, Flying the Flag, BY Cathrine Jarvie , APRIL 2010 

The Financial Times, Capital pains, By Georgina Adams, March 2010 

Contemporary practice, Beyond Prisms: In search of Alternatives in Critique By Jyoti Dhar,2010 

L Agenda, whatever we had to lose we lost, and in a moonless sky we marched, 

recent works by Sara Rahbar, By Shaheen Merali, March 2010 

brown book magazine, Sara Rahbar, March-April 2010 




Yo Dona, Memorias De Iran, by Angela Aldama, May 2009 

Eikon Issue#68, Sara Rahbar,The Lady Doth Protest Too Much.. Methinks, By Shaheen Merali 

Woman, Die Kunstist Weiblich, October 2009 

Art Asia Pacific, Sara Rahbar: Love arrived and How Red, By Sara Raza, Issue# 65, Sept/Oct 2009 

The New York Times, Multilayered and Multicultural.... By Karen Rosenburg, August 14, 2009 

Art Asia Pacific, Artists in Exile, By Meenakshi Thirukode, Issue#64 July/August 2009 

KunstKompakt, Sara Rahbar: Kunst als politisches sprachrohr, By Eva Komarek, March 2009 

The Independent, Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East, Saatchi Gallery, By Charles Darwent 

Sleek Magazine, Local/Global Issue, Middle East, 2009 




Sara Rahbar In Conversation With Ana Finel Honigman, Saatchi Online Daily Magazine, November 24, 2008

V magazine, New Art, by Ana Finel Honigman Winter 2008

Ninja Lab Magazine Issue#4,Stand Alone , by Pierre Cialdella September 2008

Coloring outside the Lines Issue#4,by Melanie Madison, July 2008 

WestEast Magazine, Persian Art, by Ren Wan 2008

Alef Magazine, A Woman of Substance, by Ana Finel Honigman, March/April 2008

Art Asia Pacific, Issue# 57,Sara Rahbar:Weaving the Flag,by Jaishri Abichandani, 2008

The Kuwait Review, Hello Dubai, by Ana Finel Honigman, April 2008

Art Daily, Precursor to bill of rights makes its return, March 21st 2008

Voice of America, January 25, 2008





Yen Magazine , The Art of War, by Rebecca Couche, issue# 30 2007

Iran Times , The Iranian American Artist be- gifts her work for the sake of Human Rights, 2007

Oziran, Art for the Sake of Humanity, by Sanaz Fotouhi, October 2007

Payvand, An Interview with Human Rights Artist Sara Rahbar, by Ali Moayedian, August 2007

Shrug Magazine, My Iran, I am not Ahmadinejad, I am an Iranian, 

I am not President Bush, I am an American, by Oliver Shamlou, August 2007

Abort Magazine, Abort Magazine's NA talks with Controversial Artist Sara Rahbar, 2007

Payvand, Profile: Sara Rahbar, Iranian-American Human Rights Artist, by Ali Moayedian,  2007

Pars Arts, Iranian Artists at the Queens Museum (II), by Sepideh Saremi, January 17th 2007

Pars Arts, Sara Rahbar at the Queens Museum, by Sepideh Saremi, January 5th 2007

PS1 MoMA, Emergency Room by Debora Gilbert 

Namak, Contradicting Realities, by Monique Soltani, March 2007

Payvand, The Axis of Art & Culture? By Ali Moayedian,February 28 2007

Venus Zine, Sara Rahbar: The Activist-Artist, by Sheba White, January 2007

Time Out New York, Queens International: Everything All At Once, by Kate Loenstein, Issue# 589, January 2007 




The New York Times, Art From Everywhere, All From Queens, by Martha Schwendener December 15, 2006

BBC Persian, Rozeh Haftome, by Nazanin Mazhari , November 2006


2024,The Short Story of Contemporary Art: Pocket Guide to Key Movements, Works, Themes & Techniques

By Susie Hodge, The Orion Publishing Group Limited

2024,The Farjam Collection of Islamic and Middle Eastern Art, Volume II , Edited by Venetia Porter, Nada Shabout, Sarah Rogers and Linda KomaroffYale University Press

2022,This is America: Re-Viewing the Art of the United States,by Keri Watson and Keidra Daniels Navaroli,

Oxford University Press

2021,The art of protest, Political art and activism, The Power and Purpose of Political Art, Gestalten

2021,Unravelling Women's Art: Creators, Rebels, & Innovators in Textile , by P.L. Henderson

2017,Textiles of the Middle East and Central Asia The Fabric of Life, By Fahmida Suleman, Thames and Hudson       

2017, Salvation, Carbon 12

2015, 2050 A Brief History of the Future

2015, The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Belgium                                                             

2015, The great game, Venice Biennial, Venice 

2015, Constructing Identity in Iranian-American Self-Narrative,by Maria D. Wagenknech, Artwork By sara rahbar

2014, The shade of the moon, Changwon sculpture biennial, Moonshine

2014,Transnational Writing Program Administration,Published by Utah state university press, Artwork By sara rahbar

2013, Contemporary Iranian Art, New Perspectives By,Hamid Keshmirshekan, Saqi Books 

2013,The anguish in the American Dream,Written By Robert Jensen,Artwork on cover By Sara Rahbar            

2013, Confronting the Clash:The Suppressed Voices of Iran by Sinan Ziza and Sepa Sama 

2013, Re:emerge, Towards a new Cultural Cartography, Sharjah Biennial 11                             

2013, Restless Violence, Sara Rahbar by Carbon 12

2013, The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern              

2012, Tehran Art, A Popular Revolution, By Ehsan Lajevardi, Contemporary art publications                      

2011, Meditation. 2011 Asian Art Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts                     

2011, Westend, Museum on the Seam                                                                                    

2011, I have no faith left for the devil to take, Sara Rahbar, Art Asia Pacific publishing LLC 

2011, Despite moments of clarity, there is no "ism" in this book, 100 New Artists,by Francesca Gavin, Laurance King 2010, Art As Witness, published by Tulika Books and edited by Parthiv Shah and Sana Das                                

2010, Whatever we had to lose we lost, and in a moonless sky we marched, Carbon 12, 

2010, Hope! Une exposition d art contemporain sur l Espoir, Skira Flammarion  

2009, The Promise of Loss, A Contemporary Index of Iran, brot-kunsthalle, Vienna 

2009, Unveiled: New art from the Middle East, The Saatchi Gallery, London                

2009, Different sames:New perspectives on contemporary Iranian art,by Hossain Amirsadeghi,TransGlobe Publishing

2009, Contemporary art in the Middle East, by ARTWORLD, Black Dog Publishing, Suzanne Cotter, Lindsey Moore, Nat Muller

2007, War on Error, By Melody Moezzi, The University of Arkansas Press, Artwork By Sara Rahbar  

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